The Wedding

Sunday, September 2, 2018
6:00 PM
Attire: Black Tie Optional
Ceremony and Reception
The View on the Hudson
101 Shad Row, Piermont, NY 10968, USA
Other Events

Morning After Brunch
Monday, September 3, 2018
10:00 AM
The DeBartolo Home
192 Brook Street, Harrington Park, NJ, USA

Join us for a casual brunch the morning after the wedding at the DeBartolo home!

Upload all your photos and videos from the weekend here!
Wedding Party

Abby Yesepkin - Maid of Honor

Abby, the Maid of Honor, is the bride’s younger sister, currently studying at URI. She is an avid lover of sloths, skincare, and the beach. Together with their parents, they've traveled to Japan, Italy, Belarus, Israel and all over the world. Abby and the bride's most common form of communication is tagging each other in weenie dog videos.

Allison Ziegler - Bridesmaid

Ali and the bride had an instant connection at AU. She was the bride’s sorority little sister and their friendship continues in NYC. Ali works in the iconic Flatiron Building - she often takes the bride on culinary adventures!

Francesca Cecala - Bridesmaid

Fran was the bride's first friend when she moved to Denville in 2nd grade. When she isn't travelling the world working as a live sound engineer, you can find her in Nashville, Tennessee. The two have been there for each other for 20 years!

Paula Krause - Bridesmaid

Paula is the bride’s first ever friend in life! They lived on the same street and now both live in Hoboken. You can find them going to yoga or brunching together.

Rebecca Carlson - Bridesmaid

Rebecca and the bride attended and lived together at AU. From both studying abroad in the Middle East, to Rebecca teaching in North Carolina, to current NYC adventures - the two have been there for each other for 10 years!

Katrina Malayev - Bridesmaid

Katrina and the bride are close childhood friends. They have gone on many family vacations together and the bride was one of her bridesmaids in 2015!

Tanya Vernik - Bridesmaid

Tanya and the bride are childhood friends, but essentially family. Their families spent almost every weekend together while they were growing up. Now, the two continue that by eating all over Hoboken together.

Laura Tremulis - Bridesmaid

Laura and the bride bonded senior year at AU living together in their tiny apartment. Since graduation they've had many NYC adventures together! Laura was one of the bride's first friends to meet Jamie and knew they were meant to be from the start.

Jacqueline Glickman - Bridesmaid

Jackie was the bride’s first friend at AU. She often drags the bride to fitness classes, but also usually a cocktail after. The bride was one of Jackie's bridesmaids last summer!

Rachel Clark - Bridesmaid

Rachel and the bride have been friends since middle school. They bonded throughout high school in marching band and colorguard. Rachel continued her passion for music through a career in music education! The two share a love for cats, good food, and Denville, NJ.

Steven DeBartolo - Best Man
Kevin DeBartolo - Best Man
Rafe Jadrosich - Groomsman
Nick Vallillo - Groomsman
Adam Azarian - Groomsman
Sean McLaughlin - Groomsman
Ernie McAlister - Groomsman
Michael Lawless - Groomsman
Alexander Walder - Groomsman